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3 Phase Relay Protection Tester

Location: China Posted: Sep 30, 2021 2:24:25 AM Hits: 114

3 Phase Relay Protection Tester

Ref: DLC204695
Product description:

This tester high performance Industrial control computer is adopted as the controlling computer, through which you can run the windows operating system directly.USB interface, 10-100M net mouth and serial communication interface are located on the back plate of this tester, through which you can access data, communicate data and upgrade software conveniently.

3 Phase Relay Protection Tester Technical index:

AC voltage output

Phase voltage output (effective value) 0~120V Output Precision 0.2 degree

Line voltage output (effective value) 0~240V

Phase voltage / Line phase output power 80VA / 100VA

Frequency range (fundamental) 20~1000Hz

Harmonic time 1~20

DC voltage output

Phase voltage output range 0~±160V Output Precision 0.5 degree

Line voltage output range 0~±320V

Phase voltage / Line phase output power 70VA / 140VA

3 Phase Relay Protection Tester


High-speed digital controlling processor is adopted as the output core of the tester. 32 bit double precision arithmetic is employed in the software, through which arbitrary high-accuracy waveforms of each phase can be produced. Since integrative structure is adopted,the structure of the tester is layed compactly.

Due to high density of fitting ponit, fidelity of waveform is high and harmonic component is small, which don’t have a strict requirement on the low-pass filter.

Digital Input and output

This tester has 10 channels digital input and 8 channels output.

The switching input circuit is compatible for both the empty contacts and 0-250V electric potential contacts in the input and output circuit. When the electric potential contacts are selected, 0-6V belongs to closed switch and 11-250V belongs to open switch.

Auxiliary DC Power Supply Output for Special Use

A circuit of special adjustable DC power supply output is allocated on the rear panel, which has 110V and 220V two shifts that can be used as test standby power supply on the spot.

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