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Single-phase Capacitance And Inductance Tester

Location: China Posted: Oct 8, 2021 2:51:37 AM Hits: 104

Single-phase Capacitance And Inductance Tester

Ref: DLC204738
Product description´╝Ü

The Single-phase capacitance and inductance tester is specially developed for the problem of measuring the capacitance value of the capacitor on the substation.

Technical parameters

Instrument measurement range and accuracy:

a. Capacitance measurement

(1) Measurable capacitance range: 0. 1╬╝F ´Ż× 3,300╬╝F

(2) Measurable capacity range: 5 ´Ż× 20,000kvar

(3) Measurement accuracy: ┬▒(1.0% readings +0.02╬╝F)

(4) Resolution: 0.001╬╝F

b. Current measurement

(1)Current measurement range: 0´Ż×20A

(2)Measurement accuracy: ┬▒(3.0% readings +0.05A)

(3)Resolution: 0.01A

c. Inductance measurement

(1)Inductance measurement range:

small inductance mode 0.1mH´Ż×5mH

large inductance mode 5 mH´Ż×50H

(2) Inductive reactance measurement range: 50m╬ę~20K╬ę

(3) Measurement accuracy: ┬▒(3.0% readings +0.05mH)

(4) Resolution: 0.01mH

d. Resistance measurement

(1)Resistance measurement range:

small resistance mode 50m╬ę´Ż×1╬ę

large resistance mode 1╬ę´Ż×20K╬ę

(2) Measurement accuracy: ┬▒(3.0% readings +0.05╬ę)

(3) Resolution: 0.01 ╬ę

Single-phase capacitance and inductance tester


1. This instrument must be tested in the case of power failure, complete discharge conditions can be tested.

2.The voltage output red line through front of clamp meter to tested objects, direction is wrong, the way of tested objects automatic recognition cannot be used, the inductance value of measurement is not correct.

3.When measuring less than 5 mH inductance / 1 ╬ę resistance, be sure to use small inductance / small resistance mode.

4. When capacitance / inductance test result is very small (only a fraction), the 20 A protection insurance is likely to be burned, change one, we are equipped with 10 20A insurances for later use.

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