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Battery Charge And Discharge Tester

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Battery Charge And Discharge Tester

Ref: DLC204961
Roduct description:

When the voltage of the battery pack or the voltage of a single battery is less than the set voltage lower limit, or the set discharge duration or set discharge capacity has been reached during discharge, the tester will automatically stop discharging and record the discharge Real-time data of all valuable and continuous processes in the process.

Battery charge and discharge tester Technical index:

Applicable battery

Lead-acid battery



Discharge current


recharging current


Operating mode

Used independently or with a constant-current module

Control accuracy

Discharge current: ≤±1%; battery pack’s terminal voltage: ≤ ±0.1%; single battery voltage: ≤±0.05%

Communication with the host PC

RS485 interface

Data storage capacity


Common faults and methods:





The discharge current is abnormal.

Switch on the air circuit breaker. Make sure the discharge PCB is connected, the battery capacity is not small and the discharge current is not small.



Inspect and make sure the tester is correctly placed and inspect the ventilation and the heat flow direction.


There is a current after the air switch is switched on following power-on.

Send the discharge PCB to its manufacturer to be repaired because it is possible that it is burned.


Failure of data saving

Restart the tester. Do not switch between internal storage and external storage during discharge.


1. There is no corresponding relationship between the terminal voltage and the capacity of the battery in the floating state. We know that even a battery with poor performance may be able to measure a qualified voltage in the floating state. Therefore, the terminal voltage in the floating charge state cannot truly reflect the battery performance.

2. The full capacity discharge test is still the most accurate and effective way to test the actual capacity of the battery pack. We know that the capacity of the battery pack is equal to the capacity of the battery with the worst performance in the battery pack. Therefore, the detection of the battery pack can be transformed into the detection of the backward battery. The capacity of the battery pack can be obtained by finding the backward battery and measuring the capacity of the battery.

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